The Beginning of the End

5 02 2014

Stand up and Praise The Lord! I am sitting in the chair as Round 4 of Chemo begins, but Dr. Midathada confirmed when we met that this is to be my LAST round!!!! Now, I know that I have been quote off-line for a while. I suppose it is just the business of getting back to ‘real life’ that I haven’t found or made the time to write … in addition, there hasn’t been much to really write about as nothing has changed and nothing major has occurred.

I have continued to be blessed by the outpouring of love from friends and family both near and far. I am so thankful to everyone who has sent cards, e-mails, meals and care packages. I know I am behind on sending out thank you cards … but please know how thankful I am, and that I pray for each of you.

As usual, I am a week past the date that I began to write this. Between getting back from NAMM and getting back to work, I let myself get overwhelmed and then tune out by watching hours and hours of television programming on Netflix and Hulu. I have had time to reflect, and I have gotten so used to this present life that I am not sure how to think about going forward. I am still bald, so it feels weird to think that cancer is not part of my identity. I guess … even though this is great news -physically speaking- it is causing more of an emotional reaction than I had expected.

There are so many things that have been on my mind lately, but I have to sort them through before I can write them out.

To be continued …




2 responses

6 02 2014
barb cloeter

BTW…Dr. Midathada is my MD also and she is awesome!!!!

barb cloeter

7 02 2014
Kris Peterson

Hey, Sister! Good to hear from you. Hope you feel well enough to attend the luncheon next Saturday. Do you need a ride to – from – or both? Be glad to pick you up. Stay warm and be safe. Z love, Kris

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